Menards corporate offices

I gave the shed dimensions to the guy behind the counter and he calculated that I would need 3 bundles of shingles to do the job.Got one, called, asked for guest services, and listened to the recorded message that all guest service comments should be sent in writing.Well, I had the epitome of customer service (NOT) over the weekend.

Since March of 2012 we have been doing business with your company.It has done well and the people are pretty nice and helpful as small-towm employees would be.I asked for my light back she declined stating that the papers had been send already so I was screwed.HOMEDEPOT may cost a little more. but i rather pay the extrathen to be treated like a dog o. A street. Sorry. never again.All the while I never got an apology, or someone letting me know they would take care of the situation.If they are in place, I suggest you do some MAJOR retraining.If you want to see pictures you can see them at and if you want to buy the used siding when I replace it you can see it on Craigslist.The doors eventually did get exchanged and we left the store feeling very insulted and abused by the assistant manager Bill Nelson.

The young man, Hunter Ogle, looked a little worried about what was happening.Now on top of all of this, I live in Milwaukee and still have not recieved my 2013 W-2.This is outrageous, and needs to be corrected, not only for me but for all of the other people who have had problems.Operator transfers me to the customer care center where I get a recording telling me that they will not speak to me.

Menards is not what I would consider BIG business. 214 stores in 14 states is not BIG.I have been trying to find a store that still ha one of the 23-in round pet beds SKU 2531027.

I did not plan on spending this store credit because to be honest our experience was not good.You are aware 1 injury and what could end a persons career and even a expensive lawsuit could buy a electric cart pusher to assist your works.And email on what I send to corporate This is NOT a question yet more of a complaint regarding my experience with your company.Again, all types of stores will have an unhappy customer on occasion.

This employee sat back in his seat, when he saw my husband start to unload the bags.So on Saturday morning,Dec 1, I purchased some items and put everything else I didnt buy back on the shelf ( i have a receipt) Come monday afternoon (december 3).They use mice traps at the perimeter of the store and I told him what Bloomington told me.So i work in a community were we have latin people of different backgrounds but for some reason the store in cincinnati in evendale does not hire hispanic people so i would like to know why if you can contact by email that be great i really like to know since i had help i i started i helped 25 get hispanic people with work 8 of them filled out a application but none got an interview or hired.Last night at 9:30 we bought 3 gallons of paint at Menards in Altoona, Iowa, we got home realized we only had 2 gallons.They mixed it to the wrong shade with all different numbers entered into the formula.So for 30 dollars Menards could have kept a customer and they dont care.Yankton store managers have very little knowledge in each of thier dept.

I am waiting for the Corp office, we are done playing games as time goes bye.She said we could either have the delivery man come back and attempt to repair it, have the Whirlpool repairman come out, swap it for an Amana which she stated was equal value, or get the full refund.For all you folks that say you can not get a hold of or never hear back from Menards Corporate Office.I would say that Instant Profit Sharing is really cool but when you cut my IPS from.We are working in partnership with US bank, bank of america, and a plethora of local community bank.The online customer service reps quit responding to my husband about the status.So i am having to re instate the BIG card with the correct number that relates to the number on the sale slip, if this is not completed, I am stuck with the excess materials.

While he was installing it, he called me and my wife over and he pointed out a small crease right where the glass meets the steel.

Working his way through college, John Menard, Jr. began working on post frame buildings to help pay his bills.I gave him all my measurements for the counters and the bar top.My husband swiftly called the Manchester store to get resolved.

I gave the lady at the counter my receipt and told her the problem.I told her I had my receipt that she indicated previously would be needed to order the part.I asked him about the oil and he said it took.65 quarts, I asked him about the gas and it was purchased the day he tried to use it.