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Alcosafe are suppliers of superior drug and alcohol testing equipment and accessories throughout Africa. One-stop shop including operator training and drawing up of policies. ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and Drug Detectors in South Africa.

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The Alcosense Pro Professional Breathalyzer is the first ever breathalyser to be certified to Australian Standards AS3547.

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Alcofind AF-100S Screener Breathalyser The Alcofind AF-100S is designed for various high volume, rapid testing workplace applications.

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DrinkMate makes it simple to make smart decisions while you drink.

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Buy BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer at Menu. Free Grocery Pickup Reorder Items Track Orders.LifeSafer supports drivers and their families through device installation, license recovery, and maintenance.

Find breathalyzer analyzer detector testbatteries on sale now online.Alcohol Breathalyzer Analyzer for Sale Tester Car for Sale Digital Breath Detector for Sale Digital Keychain Wholesale for Sale Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester Keychain for Sale Transparent Mouthpieces for Sale Wholesale Testers.Best Sellers Leave a comment 198 Views. Share. is the top destination for breathalyzers and portable breath alcohol testers, including personal, professional and smartphone breathalyzers. STORE. Apple iPhone Accessories (0) Apple iPhone.Designed for highest accuracy, our breathalyzers are used in variety of tests.

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Why You Need a Personal Breathalyzer. these single use alcohol testers are available in a variety of percentiles to test for various levels of breath-alcohol concentration (BrAC).Andatech Alcosense Pro Professional Breathalyzer - Australian Standard AS3547 Certified and accurate to 2 decimal places.

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Visit our online shop to find the perfect breathalyzer for yourself, a loved one or your business.We provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their representatives and a one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business buyers.

Ketone Breathalyzer Ketometer Fat Low Carb LCHF Athlete Endurance KM2 Ketosis Being on a low carb high fat diet, a calorie restricted diet or just fasting will cause the reading to be higher.Consumers, as well as businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, the military, and law enforcement, rely on BACtrack breathalyzers for both personal and professional use.They do not require require batteries, maintenance, or re-calibration and are based on a chemical.Perform a quick, user-friendly breath test with Mint anytime, anywhere.ASD has been providing high quality alcohol breathalyzers such as AlcoMate and SafeWay series since 1991.Style: Keychain. Police Digital Breath Alcohol Analyzer Breathalyzer Detector Tester LCD Test.

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But they all depend on you to do the right thing. A breathalyzer reading is.Older breathalyzers measured the chemical reaction between the amount of alcohol expelled on the breath and the contents of a vial in a breathalyzer machine.A high concentration of acetone indicates that fat is being burned for fuel.

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SHOP BREATHALYZER VENDING MACHINE DISTRIBUTORS CONTACT Create a free website.The best, most affordable choice for a personal breathalyser.

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